Trilha Sonora

Trilha sonora completa de Castle

01x01 - Flowers For Your Grave:
The Pussycat Dolls – When I Grow Up
Dublex Inc – Hell in a Handbag
OneRepublic – Stop and Stare

01x02 - Nanny McDead:
Tommy Fields – Come On In
Two Hours Traffic – I Feel Naked Without My Cellphone

01x03 - Hedge Fund Homeboys:
Two Hours Traffic – Jezebel
Brighton, MA – Graceland '02
Alex & Sam – Buy Your Side
Eric Hutchison – Food Chain

01x04 - Hell Hath No Fury:
1990s – You’re supposed To Be My Friend
Annie Stela – Lovesong
Amp Fiddler – If I Don't (feat. Corinne Bailey Rae)

01x05 - A Chill Goes Through Her Veins:
Emiliana Torrini – Beggar's Prayer
Scott McLeod – This Old Farmhouse
Joshua Radin – No Envy No Fear

01x06 - Always Buy Retail:
Brett Dennen – Make You Crazy (feat. Femi Kuti)
Dick Dale - Nitro
Plain White T's – 1,2,3,4

01x07 - Home Is Where The Heart Stops:
The Rosenbergs – Birds Of A Feather
Fatboy Slim – Wonderful Night
Joel Evans and Patrick Maier – You’re The One For Me
Civalias – No Escape
Chris Falson – Without You I’m

01x08 - Ghosts:
Anya Marina – Move You
The Virgins – Rich Girls

01x09 - Little Girl Lost:
BitterSweet – Get What I Want

01x10 - A Death in the Family:
Minnutes – Pick Up Your Troubles In Your Old Kit Bag
Minnutes – More To Luv
Greg Laswell – Comes and Goes (In Waves)
Tyler Lane – Please Don’t Go
Bosshouse – She Back
Alexis Harte – Red Balloon

02x01 - Deep in Death:
Junior Senior – Can I Get Get Get
The Datsuns – Highschool Hoodlums
Charles Fearing – 50-96
Lex Land – My Fault, Your Mistake
The Datsuns – Highschool Hoodlums

02x02 - The Double Down:
Sloan – Who Taught You To Live Like That
Actionslacks – We Are Not The Losers (Anymore)

02x03 - Inventing The Girl:
Jaconfetti – We Swing
Madison Park – My Personal Moon
Ultraviolet Sound – Brainwashed
Mahjong & D'Layna – So Thankful
Chad Hannah – Friends Indeed
Lindsay Katt – Heart Place

02x04 - Fool Me Once:
Winter Gloves – Factories
MoZella – Can't Stop

02x05 - When The Bough Breaks:
Alyx – Fever’s Burning Up
Derby – Sunk A Few
OneRepublic – Everybody Loves Me
Bad Boy Bill – Do What U Like
El Presidente – Rocket

02x06 - Vampire Weekend:
Salme Dahlstrom – Reality Check
Lobster – Easily Amused
Barrett Johnson – Small Hands
Moloko – Pure Pleasure Seeker
Nate Connely – Inside
Jocko of Sha Na Na – The Monster Stroll

02x07 - Famous Last Words:
Anna Waronker – Here Kitty Kitty
Anna Waronker – Underground
Anna Waronker – Threshold
Billy Idol – Dancing With Myself

02x08 - Kill The Messenger:
Locksley – On Fire
Salme Dahlstrom – C’mon Y’all

02x09 - Love Me Dead:
The Thermals – Now We Can See
The Emeralds – Love Fire
Swingfly – Winner
The Gun Shys – Madly In Action
Vetiver – Everyday

02x10 - One Man’s Treasure:
Brakes – Crush On You
Regina Spektor – The Calculation
Mads Langer – Fact-Fiction

02x11 - The Fifth Bullet:
Jenni Alpert – All We Need Is Love
Amy Stroup – Chin Up

02x12 - A Rose For Everafter:
The Magic Numbers – Take A Chance
Golden State – Love Song (feat. Holly Conlan)

02x13 - Sucker Punch:
Pearl Jam – The End
The Real McKenzies - Chip
Bosshouse – We All Go Down As One

02x14 - The Third Man:
The Voluntary Butler Scheme – Trading Things In
Tim Hanauer – Dream A Better Way
Linear B – Cold Turkey
Channel Two – Across Waters

02x15 - Suicide Squeeze:
Dragonette – I Get Around
All Night Chemists – Whole Again

02x16 - The Mistress Always Spanks Twice:
Band of Skulls – Patterns
Ghost In The Machine – Standalone
Carnaby – Save Me
Beautiful Small Machines – Superconductor
Noirhaus – Asphyxia
The Come Ons – Red Lips & Fingertips
Lindsey Ray – Picture Perfect
Opus 1 – Starting All Over Again

02x17 - Tick Tick Tick:
The Apples In Stereo – 7 Stars

02x18 - Boom!:
The Genders – We Aright

02x19 - Wrapped Up In Death:
MoZella – Love is Endless

02x20 - The Late Shaft
Soul P – Turn Around
Graham Colton – With You
David Ramirez – How Much I Feel

02x22 - Food To Die For:
Malpais – Sleep Comes Lately
Blip Blip Bleep – CTRL-ALT-DEL
Alexander Cardinale – So Far So Long
Dry Spells – Slow Down
Session 5 – Time After Time
Session 5 – Looks Like Heaven

02x21 - Den Of Thieves:
Steve McDonald & Anna Waronker – Not Bad At All
Pearl Jam – Unthought Known

02x23 - Overkill:
Aceyalone – Workin Man's Blues (feat. Bionik)
Jes – You And Me Belong
Lifehouse – Crash and Burn

02x24 - A Deadly Game:
Sara Jackson-Holman – Into the Blue

03x01 - A Deadly Affair:
Sarah Vaughan – Fever
Lucy Schwartz – Those Days

03x02 - Dead, She’s Dead:
Laura Scott – The Librarian

03x03 - Under The Gun:
Citizen Cope – Healing Hands

03x04 - Punked:
Nitzer Ebb – Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
Alec Ounsworth – Me, You And Watson

03x05 - Anatomy Of A Murder:
Jules Larson – You Know It's True

03x06 - 3XK:
Derek Evry – Without You
Uncle Lucius – A Million Ways

03x07 - Almost Famous:
Nelly – Hot In Herre
Troy MacCubbin – Stars Like You
Jim Bacchi – Friday Rock

03x08 - Murder Most Fowl:
Cliff Lin – Infiltraitor
Pajaro Sunrise – Salt & Spoon

03x09 - Close Encounters of the Murderous Kind:
Mark Snow – The X-Files Theme

03x10 - Last Call:
The Ditty Bops – Sister Kate
Elenco de Castle – Piano Man

03x11 - Nikki Heat:
Amos Lee – Flower

03x13 - Knockdown:
The Frames – Rise

03x14 - Lucky Stiff:
Tim Myers – Money ($$$)
Benny Blanco & Spank Rock – Loose
Jeff Russo – Move that A$$ (Get On The Floor)

03x15 - The Final Nail:
The Seventeens – Anywhere With You

03x16 - Setup:
Pink Martini – Sympathique

03x18 - One Life To Lose:
Bachman Turner Overdrive – Takin' Care Of Business
Latch Key Kid – Got To Be

03x19 - Law & Murder:
The Daylights – I Hope This Gets To You

03x20 - Slice Of Dead:
Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – Burn It Off
Lindsey Ray – Anchor of Love

03x21 - The Dead Pool:
Make The Girl Dance – Baby Baby Baby
Uncle Lucius – Liquor Store

03x22 - To Love And Die in L.A.:
The Californias – La La La
Josh Ritter – Come And Find Me
Sloan – The Other Side
Pearl Jam – Just Breathe

03x23 - Pretty Dead:
Lady Gaga – Born This Way
Laura Browne Sorenson – I Will Think Of You

03x24 - Knockout:
Uncle Lucius – Fire On The Rooftop

04x02 - Heroes and Villains:
Chain Gang Of 1974 – Devil Is A Lady
Jen Hirsh – Finish Line

04x03 - Head Case:
Black Mustang – The One

04x04 - Kick the Ballistics:
Robert Duncan – Taking Down Lee

04x05 - Eye of the Beholder:
Eli Peperboy Reed – Explosion
Shana Halligan – True Love
Astrud Gilberto – The Girl From Ipanema

04x06 - Demons:
Ray Parker Jr. – Ghostbusters

04x07 - Cops and Robbers:
J Mascis – Too Deep

04x08 - Heartbreak Hotel:
Kenny Rogers – The Gambler
Jesse Malin – In Modern World
Fred – Trial by Fire
Soul Coughing – Super Bon Bon
Lyrics Born – Coulda Woulda Shoulda (Party Ben Remix) (feat. Sam Sparro)

04x09 - Kill Shot:
B.e.t.a and the Neon Panthers – B-Bang

04x10 - Cuffed:
The Mostar Diving Club – Give A Little Love

04x11 - Till Death Do Us Part:
London Symphony Orchestra & André Pervin – Bolero

04x13 - An Embarrassment of Bitches:
Fefe Dobson – Watch Me Move
Pink Martini – Lilly

04x14 - The Blue Butterfly:
Louis Armstrong – I Can't Give You Anything But Love
Tamala Jones – Comes Love

04x17 - Once Upon A Crime:
The Droge & Summers Blend – Sad Clown

04x18 - A Dance With Death:
John Van De Ven & Marty Und Das Orchestra – Copacabana
Danielle Calato – Who

04x19 - 47 Seconds:
Kim Planert – Bomb Attack
Ludwig van Beethoven – Symphony No. 5 In C Minor Op. 67 - First Movement

04x20 - The Limey:
Instrumental – It Had To Be You

04x21 - Headhunters:
The Crossroads Band – The Devil's Got My Soul

04x23 - Always:
Andrew Belle – In My Veins (feat. Erin McCarley)
Instrumental – Robert Duncan

05x04 - Murder He Wrote:
Getaway – Latch Key Kid
Longing to Belong – Eddie Vedder

05x06 - The Final Frontier:
Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark – Tesla Girls
Radio Free America – So Sexy
William Shatner – Ideal Woman

05x07 - Swan Song:
Tone Depth – To The Moon
Holy Shemp – Lies
Holy Shemp – Back Out On The Road Again
Derek Evry – Wait for You
Derek Evry – Without You

05x08 - After Hours:
Carly Rae Jepsen – Call Me Maybe

05x09 - Secret Santa:
Ben Rector – Let It Snow
Reverend Horton Heat – Run Rudolph Run

05x10 - Signficant Others:
Missy Higgins – Secret
Robert Duncan – One Way (Instrumental)

05x11 - Under The Influence:
DJ Roc – Slam It

05x12 - Death Gone Crazy:
Freebie & The Bean – Right Here
Kool & The Gang – Jungle Boogie

05x14 - Reality Star Struck:
K.C. – The Money Song

05x15 - Target:
Robert Duncan – Struck By Lightning (Instrumental)

05x18 - The Wild Rover:
The Mahones – Angels & Devils
Stray Palace – Express Yourself
Stray Palace – Changed

05x21 - Still:
Alexander Cardinale - Not Fighting It
Pop Levi - Wannamama
Billy Squier – The Stroke
Eddie Vedder – Longing To Belong
Robert Duncan – I Just Want You
Andrew Belle – In My Veins (feat. Erin McCarley)

05x22 - The Squab and The Quail:
Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti – Baby

06x02 - Dreamworld:
Bach – Toccata and Fugue in D minor
Robert Duncan – I Just Want You

06x09 - Disciple:
Vera Lynn – We'll Meet Again

06x10 - The Good, The Bad & The Baby:
The Water is Wide (tradicional música irlandesa)

06x13 - Limelight:
Lady GaGa – Applause
Blondfire – Walking With Giants

06x14 - Dressed To Kill:
Propellerheads – Spybreak

06x15 - Smells Like Teen Spirit:
Andrew Belle – In My Veins
Sirah – Inhale

06x18 - The Way of The Ninja:
Miss Amani – Sexy
The Troggs – Wild Thing
The Romantics – What I Like About You

06x19 - The Greater Good:
Pilar Díaz – El Otro Yo (The Other Me)

06x20 - That '70s Show:
Donna Summer – Last Dance
Walter Murphy – A Fifth of Beethoven
Silver Convention – Get Up and Boogie
Bob McGilpin – Let The Music Take You High

06x21 - Law & Boarder:
The Delta Riggs – Scratch Flower
Wavves – Gimme a Knife
Black Pistol Fire – Baby Ruthless
FIDLAR – No Waves

06x23 - Veritas:
The Band of Strangers – Bait n' Pole
Vivaldi – Spring

07x03 - Clear And Present Danger:
AM & Shawn Lee – Somebody Like You
David Rolfe – Payback

07x05 - Meme is Murder:
Imani Coppola & Tim Myers – What's The Good Word

07x06 - The Time of Our Lives:
Andrew Belle – In My Veins

07x08 - Kill Switch:
Beethoven – Symphony No. 6 In F Major - "Pastoral": First Movement: Allegro Ma Non Troppo

07x09 - Last Action Hero:
ChazzTraxx – DJ Make The Party Jump (feat. J. Dash & Paloma)
The Kinnardlys – Fireworks

07x10 - Bad Santa:
Rufus Thomas – I'll Be Your Santa Baby
Keith Barney – Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town

07x11 - Castle, P.I.:
Richard Wagner & Simon Holland – Ride of the Valkyries

07x14 - Ressurrection:
Vera Lynn – We'll Meet Again

07x19 - Habeas Corpse:
Daft Punk – Get Lucky (feat. Pharrell Williams & Nile Rodgers)
Frank Sinatra – I've Got You Under My Skin

07x22 - Dead From New York:
Carly Rae Jepsen – I Really Like You
Amy Stroup – Just Takes a Little

08x01 - XY
Tribe Society – Kings

08x02 - XX
Phoebe Bridgers – Georgia

08x03 - PhDead
Cypress Hill & Rusko – Shots Go Off by
Bring Me the Horizon – Happy Song
J. Dash – Strut

08x04 - What Lies Beneath...
Extreme Music LibraryBiblical Sense
Elenco de Castle – La Bamba
Elenco de Castle – Jarabe Tapatio

08x05 - The Nose
Trimountaine – Lucky One
Low – Into You

08x06 - Cool Boys
Elenco de Castle – Cool (West Side Story)

08x08 - Mr. & Mrs. Castle
WE ARE TWIN – Baby Please

08x09 - Tone Death
Elenco de Castle – The Things We Do For Love
Elenco de Castle – Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go
Elenco de Castle – Hooked On A Feeling
Elenco de Castle – Tainted Love

08x10 - Witness for the Prosecution
Sofia Pettersson – Better Days
Bill Gordon – Jazz and Cocktails

08x11 - Dead Red
Lafayette String Quartet – String Quartet No. 1 in D major, Op. 11: III. Scherzo: Allegro non tanto

08x12 - The Blame Game
Tove Styrke – Even If I'm Loud It Doesn't Mean I'm Talking to You

08x14 - The G.D.S.
Serena Ryder - Stompa

08x16 - Heartbreaker
Disturbing tha Peace – Move Bitch
Gaby Moreno – Ave Que Emigra
Bernard Herrmann – The Knife

08x20 - Much Ado About Murder
Patrice Michaels Bedi, Amy Anderson, Kurt Hansen, Robert Heitzinger, St. Clement Concert Choir, Randall Swanson & St. Clement Concert Orchestra – Requiem in D minor, K. 626: Sequence: VI. Lacrimosa dies illa
Elenco de Castle – Greensleeves
Zerbin – Worlds on Fire

08x22 - Crossfire
The Brady Bunch – It's a Sunshine Day

[Bônus] Steamy Promo 2ª Temporada:
Hugo – Bread & Butter

[Bônus] Promo Season Finale 6ª Temporada:
Chrissie Hynde – You Or No One

[Bônus] Promo 08x22 - Crossfire
KLEZ - Here Right Now

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